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Full set-up - £35 plus strings


Includes where necessary: nut and saddle adjustments, truss rod adjustments, intonation correction, fret polishing, tremelo set-up, string action optimisation, fretboard conditioning, pick-up height and alignment, new strings and thorough play testing. Suitable for electric, acoustic and bass guitars.


Fret dress and full set-up - £55 plus strings


A full set-up is great but to have your frets dressed first will give the absolute best playing conditions for your guitar. All frets are stoned level, crowned, and polished which means no more high/low frets causing fret buzz. The fret dress includes my full set-up service.


Pickup swap - from £15 per pickup


Want to give your guitar a fresh sound with some different pick-ups? This is often a great way of breathing new life into your guitar.


New nuts/saddles etc - from £20 plus materials


Broken nuts and saddles can pe replaced with bone, plastic or graphite versions to suit what you need.

Stratocaster guitar opened up with faulty electrics

The advantage of being a professional guitarist and teacher is that I know how a guitar should feel, sound and play. There's nothing worse than having a potentially great guitar that is being let down by broken bits and pieces or a bad set-up with poor adjustments. After many years doing my own servicing I decided to offer my experience to the wider public and I now have a small workshop where I can operate on your acoustic, electric or bass guitar. See below for some of the services I offer.

Other work undertaken


If you need something doing to your guitar that isn't listed here then no problem. Just get in touch and we can have a chat about what might need doing. You can even bring it along for me to look at and assess and I'll be happy to give you a no obligation quote for the job.

Telecaster guitar on bench being repaired